February 15, 2015
IECA Presentation to NARUC Addressing the EPA’s Clean Power Plan and Demand Response

February 4, 2015
IECA Supports Arkansas’ SB 183 – An act to create procedures for oversight of fossil fuel-fired electric generating units; to require the Arkansas Department of Environmental Quality to perform studies related to a state plan to regulate carbon dioxide emissions; to create procedures for approval of the state plan by the legislative council

January 29, 2015
IECA President Testifies Before the EPA on the National Air Quality Standards for Ozone

January 22, 2015
IECA Supports Senate Amendment #78 to the Keystone XL Pipeline Bill – To express a sense of the Senate regarding conditions for the President entering into bilateral or other international agreements regarding greenhouse gas emissions without proper study of any adverse economic effects

January 16, 2015
IECA Provides States with Industrial Company Recommendations on State Implementation Plans (SIPs) in Compliance with EPA’s Clean Power Plan


December 19, 2014
IECA Comments on Energy Conservation Standards for High-Intensity Discharge Lamps

December 19, 2014
IECA Comments on Preliminary Regulatory Determinations for Contaminants on the Third Drinking Water Contaminant Candidate List

December 19, 2014
IECA Comments on National Emission Standards for Hazardous Air Pollutants: Ferroalloys Production

December 15, 2014
IECA Comments on Fossil Fuel-Generated Energy Consumption Reduction for New Federal Buildings and Major Renovations of Federal Buildings

December 1, 2014
IECA Comments on EPA’s Clean Power Plan Proposed Rule

November 20, 2014
IECA Urges OMB to Rescind Recommendation to Veto H.R. 4795, the “Promoting New Manufacturing Act” (view press release)

September 26, 2014
FERC Response to IECA Request on Study on Grid Reliability and Costs in Association with the Implementation of the EPA Clean Power Plan

September 17, 2014
IECA Comments for the Record on House Committee on Science, Space, and Technology Hearing on “The Administration’s Climate Plan: Failure by Design”

September 10, 2014
IECA Estimates EPA’s “Clean Power Plan” Industrial Estimated Costs (see IECA’s estimated residential/commercial costs)

August 25, 2014
IECA Asks FERC for Study on Grid Reliability and Costs in Association with the Implementation of the EPA Clean Power Plan (see FERC response)

July 30, 2014
A Manufacturing Perspective on EPA’s “Clean Power Plan” – Proposed GHG Regulation for Existing Electric Generating Units

July 29, 2014
IECA President Testifies Before the EPA on EPA GHG Regulation on Existing Power Plant Generators (Audio Version)

July 29, 2014
IECA President Testifies Before the EPA on EPA GHG Regulation on Existing Power Plant Generators
“The key message that we want to deliver is that we are very worried that the rule would substantially increase electricity and natural gas costs and create reliability problems, putting the manufacturing sector at risk, along with good paying jobs – all for a relatively small global climate impact.”

June 10, 2014
IECA Supports H.R. 4795, the Promoting New Manufacturing Act
“The permitting process is antiquated, time consuming, expensive, and fails to meet the challenges faced today by U.S. industry who are in fierce competition with global competitors.”

June 2, 2014
IECA States that EPA GHG Regulation on Existing Power Plant Generators Raises Significant Costs and Reliability Concerns

May 9, 2014
IECA Comments on EPA’s Proposed Rule Entitled “Standards of Performance for Greenhouse Gas Emissions from New Stationary Sources: Electric Utility Generating Units”

March 5, 2014
IECA Supports Amicus Brief: Challenge to EPA Regional Haze Program

March 3, 2014
IECA Supports H.R. 3826, the “Electricity Security and Affordability Act”

February 26, 2014
IECA Comments on OMB’s Technical Update of the Social Cost of Carbon for Regulatory Impact Analysis

January 13, 2014
IECA Supports H.R. 3826, the “Electricity Security and Affordability Act”
“H.R. 3826 would ensure that the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) greenhouse gas (GHG) regulations are done in a reasonable and environmentally responsible manner that will result in a more cost-effective regulatory approach.”


December 20, 2013
IECA Submits Preliminary Comments to EPA on Regulating GHGs for Existing Electric Generating Units Regarding CHP/WHR Facilities

December 19, 2013
IECA: Guidance for Industrial Electricity Consumers: EPA Regulation of GHGs for Electric Power Generation

December 13, 2013
IECA Submits Preliminary Comments to EPA on Regulating GHGs for Existing Electric Generating Units

September 20, 2013
EPA GHG Rule Dictates Energy Policy and Increases Manufacturing Energy Costs

September 16, 2013
IECA Comments on Reconsideration of Final Rule Standards for Standby Mode and Off Mode Microwave Ovens
“Because IECA companies are large consumers of energy, the social cost of carbon has significant implications, and the Microwave Rule could set a precedent for all future rules. Each new proposed regulation will require federal agencies to complete a “cost-benefit” analysis.”

September 9, 2013
IECA and Other Trade Associations Seek Dialogue with EPA on GHG Regulation

July 31, 2013
IECA Supports Representative Scalise’s Carbon Tax Amendment to H.R. 367, the “Regulations from the Executive in Need of Scrutiny (REINS) Act”
“Even a relatively small carbon tax of $20 per ton would increase the cost of energy to the industrial sector by $32 billion per year, a 12 percent increase.”

July 30, 2013
IECA Supports Amendment #12, Addresses the Social Cost of Carbon: Energy Consumers Relief Act of 2013
“The manufacturing sector’s GHG emissions are 9.6 percent below 1990 levels. This is outstanding performance and is a clear confirmation that U.S. companies are taking action to reduce their carbon emissions through capital spending projects that improve their energy efficiency.”

May 2, 2013
IECA and 55 Trade Associations Send Letter to Congress on the Carbon Tax
“A carbon tax would increase the costs of natural gas, coal and petroleum products, resulting in higher production costs, less spending on non-energy goods, fewer jobs and slower economic growth.”

April 18, 2013
IECA Update of U.S. and Global Climate Emissions


December 10, 2012
IECA Warns that a Carbon Tax Would Double GHG Regulations on Industrials
“A carbon tax for purposes of raising revenues would result in double regulation of industrial GHG emissions. A $15 per metric ton carbon tax would significantly increase manufacturing costs by $16.6 billion per year or by 16%.”(view press release)

June 25, 2012
IECA Comments on EPA’s Proposed Rule Entitled “Standards of Performance for Greenhouse Gas Emissions for New Stationary Sources: Electric Utility Generating Units”

June 18, 2012
Rain CII Carbon Testimony: Hearing on “The American Energy Initiative: A Focus on EPA’s Greenhouse Gas Regulations” in the House Subcommittee on Energy and Power

February 24, 2012
IECA Request for Correction – Technical Support Document, “Greenhouse Gas Emissions Reporting from the Petroleum and Natural Gas Industry”


November 11, 2011
IECA Urges President Obama to Require EPA to Fully Utilize Energy Efficiency in Greenhouse Gas Emission Standards
(view press release)

April 6, 2011
IECA Urges House and Senate to Not Increase our Electricity Costs – Stop EPA GHG Regulation under the CAA

March 30, 2011
Senator Stabenow EPA GHG Regulation Amendment – Not a Solution
“IECA strongly supports energy efficiency – but not costly EPA GHG regulation.”

March 17, 2011
Baucus Amendment Misses Underlying Problem – Regulating GHGs Under the CAA is a Costly Alternative That will Impact Manufacturing Jobs and Shift Investment Offshore

March 16, 2011
IECA Supports Senator McConnell Amendment to Stop EPA from Regulating GHGs
“A better alternative is IECA’s Sustainable Manufacturing & Growth Initiative.”

March 2, 2011
IECA Letter to Congress – Electric Utilities Should Not Profit from EPA GHG Regulations

March 1, 2011
IECA President Testimony Before the House Subcommittee on Energy and Power on EPA GHG Regulation
“A better alternative to EPA’s GHG regulation is IECA’s ‘Sustainable Manufacturing & Growth Initiative.”
(view written testimony)

February 9, 2011
Hearing on the “Energy Tax Prevention Act of 2011″ in the House Subcommittee on Energy and Power
(view FMC Corporation testimony)
(view US Steel testimony)
(view Lion Oil testimony)
(view Nucor testimony)


December 16, 2010
IECA Urges Senate to Include S. 3072, the Stationary Source Regulations Delay Act in Government Funding Measures for FY 2011

December 1, 2010
IECA Urges Senate to Use CR to Delay EPA GHG PSD Implementation

November 19, 2010
IECA Urges EPA to Extend GHG PSD Rule Comment Deadline from 14 to 60 Days
“14 days is unreasonable and defies the potential impact of the rule on industry.”

June 10, 2010
IECA Letter in Support of S.J. Res 26, the Senator Murkowski Joint Resolution
“Letting the EPA regulate GHGs will lead to increased business uncertainty and substantially increased energy and compliance costs in a time when we are still struggling to recover from a global recession.”

June 2, 2010
IECA Letter to Senate – EPA Tailoring Rule – Exempting Small GHG Emitters is Not a Real Solution

May 3, 2010
EPA Administrator, CCS Task Force Co-Chair – Responds to IECA Letter

April 19, 2010
Obama’s CCS Task Force Responds to IECA Letter

March 10, 2010
IECA and 99 other Organizations Urge Senate to Stop EPA from Regulating GHGs

March 2, 2010
IECA Supports Senator Murkowski Joint Resolution – S.J. Res 26 to Disapprove of EPA Regulating GHGs

March 1, 2010
IECA Supports Representative Skelton, Peterson and Emerson Joint Resolution – H.J. Res 76 to Disapprove of EPA Regulating GHGs

February 24, 2010
IECA Applauds President Obama for Creating Interagency CCS Task Force
“It is very important to recognize that the manufacturing sector also uses coal and should not only be included in the strategy and programs that will be developed by the Task Force, but placed as a priority.”

January 28, 2010
IECA Encourages Congress to not let EPA Regulate GHGs
“Congress must not let the EPA usurp it’s policy making role.”


October 29, 2009
IECA President Testifies Before Senate Environment and Public Works Committee on S.1733 the Clean Energy Jobs and American Power Act

October 22, 2009
IECA Invited to Testify before the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee on S.1733 Cap and Trade Bill

October 21, 2009
IECA President Comments on Nuclear Energy’s Role in a Potential “Climate Bill”

October 5, 2009
President, Paul Cicio Responds to Sen. Lisa Murkowski’s Question of “Should We Nix Cap and Trade”

October 1, 2009
Economic Policy Institute Study is Right – Industries Employing 4.1 Million Workers are at Risk Under Climate Bill
“The U.S. has lost 5.4 million manufacturing jobs since 1998.”

September 30, 2009
Senate Cap and Trade Legislation – Wrong Policy Platform to Address Economic GHG Reductions
“Without a global system, those without a cap are rewarded and incentivized to not accept a cap.”

May 29, 2009
IECA Roll Call Op-Ed: “Climate Cap-and-Trade Bill Assures Continued Loss of Manufacturing Jobs”

May 15, 2009
IECA Urges Committee on Energy and Commerce to Not Rush Climate Bill Markup
“Acting Unilaterally to impose costs on manufacturing could result in moving jobs offshore.”

April 22, 2009
IECA President Testifies Before House Energy and Commerce Committee on Waxman Climate Legislation
“U.S. acting unilaterally on climate bill will shift manufacturing jobs and GHG emissions offshore.”

March 18, 2009
IECA Testifies on Climate Policy Before Chairman Markey and the House Subcommittee on Energy and Environment
(view written testimony)
(view testimony charts)


October 9, 2008
IECA Responds to Chairman Dingell Climate Hearing Questions

September 16, 2008
Statement for the Record – Ways and Means Committee Hearing on Policy Options to Prevent Climate Change

June 19, 2008
IECA President, Paul N. Cicio Testifies Before the House Subcommittee on Energy and Air Quality on Climate Legislation
“The legislation will result in significant increases in the demand for natural gas by the power sector.”

June 4, 2008
Paul Cicio – Forbes Magazine Op-ed – Senate Climate Bill Results in Massive Coal to Natural Gas Fuel Switching
“Switching from coal to natural gas will drive up both the demand and the price of natural gas to unprecedented levels.”

June 4, 2008
Senate Climate Bill Under-Estimates Natural Gas Costs by $1.3 Trillion
“The math is simple and indisputable. The Energy Information Administration’s natural gas price assumptions used to determine the cost of S.2191 are about one-half of today’s real-world forward prices.”

May 29, 2008
Senate Climate Bill Could Reduce Natural Gas Production as Much as 32 Percent

May 29, 2008
Senate Climate Bill S.3036 Treats Manufacturing Import Sensitive Industries and Workers Less Favorable than Foreign Producers in Identical Situations
(view press release)

March 3, 2008
IECA Responds to Chairman Dingell and Chairman Boucher – IBEW/AEP Proposal – Even if it Achieved WTO Approval with Changes – Would be Victory on Paper Only
“There is consensus by the manufacturing sector that the IBEW/AEP Proposal will not work.”
(view press release)


December 10, 2007
IECA Asks to Testify Before Senate Finance Committee on Title VI of S.2191, America’s Climate Security Act of 2007
“Title VI will accelerate the loss of U.S. manufacturing jobs and increase greenhouse gas emissions.”

October 30, 2007
IECA Responds to EPW Hearing Questions from Senators Inhofe and Barrasso

October 24, 2007
IECA Testifies Before the Senate Private Sector and Consumer Solutions to Global Warming and Wildlife Protection Subcommittee to “Examine America’s Climate Security Act of 2007″
(view written testimony)

October 19, 2007
IECA Invited to Testify Before the Senate Private Sector and Consumer Solutions to Global Warming and Wildlife Protection Subcommittee on the America’s Climate Security Act of 2007


September 14, 2006
IECA Hosts Capitol Hill Briefing on “Examining the Link Between the EU Emissions Trading Scheme and Higher Energy Prices to the EU Manufacturing Sector”
Problems with the EU ETS: Electricity prices have increased by almost 50 percent; electric utilities do not have an incentive to reduce ghg emissions.

May 23, 2006
IECA Letter to Senator Lugar Opposing S. RES 312
“The resolution supports a ghg cap & trade policy, the same policy that increased European electricity prices by 54%, carbon prices by 380% and caused fuel switching to natural gas.”

March 14, 2006
IECA Submits Comments to Senate Energy Committee on “Design Elements of a Mandatory Market-Based Greenhouse Gas Regulatory System”
“It is impossible to achieve the objective of building a fair, simple and rational ghg program that does not cause significant winners and losers.”
(view press release)


October 26, 2005
June 28, 2005 International Federation of Industrial Energy Consumers of Europe Report on the “Failures of the EU Emissions Trading Scheme”


July 13, 2004
IECA Provides Senator Hagel with Input on Sound Climate Policy

May 5, 2004
IECA Suggests that Congress Determine How Climate Proposals Would be Practically Achieved Before Supporting Them
The letter to Congress gives an example. A recent legislative proposal that is being described as “modest,” would require the U.S. to figure out how to supply the needs of 28 million without using “any” energy.

February 17, 2004
IECA Commends DOE for GHG Registry 1605 (b) and Provides Input
“We are particularly pleased with the focus on GHG intensity measurement and the decision not to implement a system of transferable credits. Establishment of a system of transferable credits is inconsistent with a healthy manufacturing sector.”


November 1, 2003
Energy Information Administration (EIA) Study, “Analysis of S.485, The Clear Skies Act of 2003”
An important report that forecasts significant increased use of natural gas by the power sector and insufficient increases in coal.

October 30, 2003
S.139 The Climate Stewardship Act is Voted Down 55 to 43
The Senate voted down S.139 by a vote of 55 to 43. Senator McCain and Lieberman promises “to be back.” IECA says “other policies should be pursued to reduce GHG emissions without loss of manufacturing competitiveness.”

October 22, 2003
IECA Joins 23 Other Trade Associations to Encourage Senate Members Not to Vote in Support of S.139 the Climate Stewardship Act
The industry letter raises concerns the bill will result in energy rationing and electricity prices will rise 41 percent.

October 20, 2003
Letter to Senator McCain and Lieberman. IECA Cannot Support S. 139, “The Climate Stewardship Act”
“The bill will result in fuel switching to natural gas, further exacerbating the natural gas crisis and sending prices even higher…regulating carbon dioxide would further raise the cost of energy to all Americans, reduce the competitiveness of U.S. manufacturing, increase unemployment and degrade living standards.”

June 2003
McCain-Lieberman Proposal – Where Does the Energy Come From?

April 28, 2003
“Sense of the Congress” Findings & Resolution on Climate Change

April 3, 2003
Senate Provisions – Climate Change


August 2002
Why Energy Legislation Should Not Include Transferable Credits

June 3, 2002
U.S. Department of Energy, Notice of Inquiry on GHG Registry 1605 (b)


September 2001
Climate Change and Energy Intensive Manufacturing Industries – Talking Points

March 27, 2001
GHG Emissions Trading Policy Statement

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