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ALLETE/Minnesota Power
Contact: Frank Frederickson, Vice President, Customer Experience, (218) 355-3248,

Minnesota Power is committed to the reliability and security of the regional power system that provides electricity in a 26,000-square-mile electric service area in northeastern Minnesota. Minnesota Power supplies retail electric service to 145,000 customers.

Contact: Charlie Daum, Managing Director, (612) 203-9023,

Alturus identifies, optimizes, develops and finances sustainable infrastructure projects to meet their clients’ sustainability goals. Industrial, commercial, and institutional customers work with Alturus to structure turnkey financing solutions for their efficiency and facility infrastructure initiatives.

Amerex Energy Services
Contact: John Bolton, Managing Director, (281) 340-5219,

Amerex is a leading over-the-counter energy brokerage offering services in electricity, natural gas, emission credits and allowances, renewable energy credits, retail energy procurement, energy consulting, and energy data services.

BP Energy Retail Company
Contact: Matthew Butts, VP, Business Development, (281) 653-1711,

BP Energy Retail Company provides electricity, natural gas, and environmental products to large-scale, energy-intensive industrial consumers. They are consistently ranked in the top 10 of suppliers to large commercial and industrial customers.

Calpine Energy Solutions
Contact: Lamar Frazier, Director, Commodity Sales, (713) 361-7761,

Calpine Solutions supplies natural gas, power, and associated energy and risk management services to our customers throughout the U.S. They are a licensed retail energy provider in every deregulated state in the U.S., including California, Oregon, Arizona and Virginia.

Clearway Energy Group
Contact: Kassie Barrett, Strategic Marketing, Origination, (415) 627-1656,

Clearway Energy Group is leading the transition to a world powered by clean energy. Along with our public affiliate, Clearway Energy, Inc., we own and operate more than 5 gigawatts of wind, solar, and energy storage assets in 26 states, offsetting the equivalent of nearly 8.8 million metric tons of carbon emissions for our customers, and we are developing a pipeline of new renewable energy projects nationwide.

Contact: Ben Witt, Account Executive, (412) 249-3873,

Coterra Energy is a premier, diversified energy company well positioned to deliver superior and sustainable returns. They are built to weather industry cycles with tremendous flexibility between the best oil assets and the best natural gas assets in the country.

Edison Energy
Contact: Justine Caccamo, Senior Director, Marketing, (212) 269-2302,

Edison Energy provides independent, global advisory solutions to help large corporate, industrial, and institutional clients better understand and navigate the choices and risks of managing energy. Through an integrated portfolio approach, Edison Energy enables decision-makers in organizations to deliver on their strategic, financial and sustainability goals. Providing a suite of specialized services across sustainability, analytics, renewables, supply, and demand, Edison Energy addresses the three biggest challenges in energy today: cost, carbon, and complex choices.

Contact: Rob Martine, Director, Origination, (609) 815-5843,

As a diversified energy company, they are uniquely positioned to help accelerate the global transition to a cleaner energy future, and doing it in ways that are ethical, sustainable and socially responsible. They’re advancing new low-carbon energy technologies—including hydrogen, renewable natural gas, and carbon capture and storage. They also recognize the importance of a secure, reliable and affordable supply of energy, which they deliver every day through their four core businesses: Liquids pipelines, natural gas pipelines, gas utilities and storage, and renewable energy.

Enel North America
Contact: Erin Uribe, Senior Manager, Demand Generation, (978) 719-0197,

With over 20 years of experience, Enel North America is a clean energy leader building the electrified future with a mission to combat the climate crisis. Enel North America’s economic and solutions-based expertise enables organizations to turn their climate ambitions into reality while simplifying the journey to Net-Zero.

Energy Edge
Contact: Brian Walker, Principal, (214) 236-0567,

Energy Edge was founded in March 2009 by Brian Walker and Matt Hobson. Prior to that, they worked for Reliant Energy where they held leadership roles in the company’s commercial and industrial retail electricity business unit. While there, they watched the deregulated retail energy markets become increasingly complicated and saw firsthand the challenges energy consumers were encountering while trying to manage their energy spend. They recognized an unmet need in the market for advisors who possessed a very technical understanding of the commodity markets. Energy Edge was formed to bring clients the expertise required to navigate volatile and complex energy markets.

Energy Harbor
Contact: Frank Travaglione, Manager, C&I Energy Sales, (301) 830-3676,

Energy Harbor is a privately held, financially secure energy producer and retailer, headquartered in Akron, Ohio. They serve nearly one million residential, commercial and industrial customers with a focus on best-in-class safety and operations with unmatched financial stability. They operate a fleet of nuclear and fossil fuel generators in Ohio, Pennsylvania and West Virginia, and employ a talented workforce of 2,600 dedicated employees. Formerly known as FirstEnergy Solutions, Energy Harbor is now an independent power producer, unaffiliated with its former parent.

Enspire Energy
Contact: Mary Hensley, Director of Marketing, (757) 963-9123,

Enspire Energy is a full-service natural gas supplier, serving large commercial, industrial, and governmental accounts in the Mid-Atlantic region. A certified women-owned small business, the Enspire Energy team has over 70 of years of direct experience in the natural gas markets. Enspire offers a variety of flexible pricing options and terms for natural gas, providing customized solutions to best meet each facility’s budget goals and risk management expectations.

Gas South
Contact: Joey Caskey, Lead Originator, (704) 718-9252,

Gas South, based in Atlanta, Georgia, United States, is a natural gas provider that serves more than 425,000 customers in 14 states. Since their 2006 inception, they’ve grown steadily to become not only the largest retail natural gas company in Georgia but also the largest in the Southeastern U.S.

Insight Sourcing Group
Contact: Brandon Owens, VP Sustainability, (720) 919-4797,

Insight Sourcing Group is the leading boutique consulting firm in North America focused exclusively on Strategic Sourcing and procurement-related services. The firm has developed a reputation for the collegiality and high caliber of our team, our tremendous focus on client results, our entrepreneurial and innovative approach to the space, and for our ability to consistently deliver strong outcomes.

Legacy Energy
Contact: Thomas Ihrig, Vice President, (989) 652-3616,

Legacy Energy’s broad spectrum of clients represents every industrial, commercial and retail sector. From local private firms to global multinational firms, they excel in developing and implementing client-specific energy management strategies related to energy procurement, demand reduction, risk mitigation, conservation, efficiency, and data management.

LS Power Development, LLC
Contact: Sharon Segner, Director, Power Development, (571) 384-7103,

LS Power is a development, investment and operating company focused on power generation, electric transmission and energy infrastructure. Since inception, they have developed, constructed, managed and acquired more than 45,000 MW of competitive power generation and over 660 miles of transmission infrastructure, for which they have raised over $46 billion in debt and equity financing to invest in North American infrastructure.

Contact: Matt McMonagle, CEO & Founder, (215) 285-6849,

NovoHydrogen (“Novo”) was founded to tackle the challenge of decarbonizing the economy, specifically the traditionally hard to abate industrial sector. Novo provides affordable, industrial-grade, zero-emission hydrogen and e-fuels to our customers in the industrial, transportation and power sectors. Novo focuses on the origination, project development, and financial structuring of renewable hydrogen projects throughout North America. You will find us in the field working with equipment providers, contractors, landowners, and local communities to successfully execute projects for our clients.

NRG Energy
Contact: Tom Lynskey, Senior Business Development Manager, (412) 667-5653,

NRG will always offer the power that keeps communities safe, businesses growing, and lives increasingly connected. But power can be so much more. We’re powering convenience, connectivity, sustainability, and protection for our customers.

One Energy Enterprises
Contact: Katie Treadway, Head of Regulatory Affairs, (419) 905-5821,

One Energy is the largest installer of on-site wind energy in the U.S. Vertically integrated and Midwest-based, One Energy develops, designs, constructs, owns, and operates on-site wind projects for large commercial and industrial facilities.

Pilot Power Group, Inc.
Contact: Charles Baird, Vice President of Portfolio Strategy,

Pilot Power Group, Inc. is a leading Energy Service Provider offering custom energy
solutions, portfolio management, and energy procurement strategies for commercial,
industrial, and community aggregation clients participating in the deregulated
energy environment.

Rodan Energy Solutions
Contact: Robert Hanvey, Managing Director, North American Sales, (214) 304-9266,

Since 2003, Rodan Energy Solutions has grown from a local metering service provider to a leading North American energy management company. They deliver innovative solutions to large commercial and industrial energy users, as well as power distribution and generation companies.

Contact: Joe Lyne, Sr Manager Supply Services, (803) 414-7029,

Siemens is a technology company focused on industry, infrastructure, and transport. By combining the real and the digital worlds, Siemens empowers customers to transform their industries and markets while helping them transform the everyday lives for billions of people. With a deep focus on digitalization, Siemens is shaping the ecosystem that connects the real world with the digital world and the data and analytics that empowers Siemens customers to become more efficient and sustainable. From energy reduction to energy production and procurement, Siemens assists all types of industries in customizing an energy management program to achieve cost savings, efficiency and decarbonization goals. Siemens holistic approach includes comprehensive strategic planning with robust execution capabilities where expertise, technology, people, and services are leveraged to deliver results.

Symmetry Energy
Contact: Jeff Wiese, Vice President, (318) 429-3059,

Symmetry Energy is a domestic energy delivery company that includes electric transmission & distribution, natural gas distribution, and energy services operations. Symmetry Energy and its predecessor companies have been in business for more than 140 years.

TEXICAN Natural Gas
Contact: Aubrey Hilliard, President, Carolinas Division, (704) 544-7121,

Texican Natural Gas Company has several objectives in providing industrial natural gas services to our customers which is to offer simply the best price and service in our industry. Texican strives to make effort to be at the ready when you need them the most.

Twin Eagle Resource Management, LLC
Contact: Mark Morgan, Senior Vice President Energy Services, (281) 653-0561,

Twin Eagle is a leading North American energy marketer and midstream operator with a focus in natural gas and crude oil across the United States, Canada, and Mexico. Our vertically integrated business model delivers exceptional results for our customers from the wellhead to the burner tip.

Voltus, Inc.
Contact: Kelly Yazdani, Director of Marketing, (703) 340-9353,

Voltus partners with large-scale commercial, industrial, and institutional customers to better manage energy through simple, cost-free, risk-free demand response solutions. Voltus leverages our world-class energy expertise and technology platform to generate the most cash from your program participation.

Contact: Ray Siada, Director, (248) 613-7660,

Willdan delivers industry-leading energy and engineering solutions that have transformed government and commerce. Today, they are leading clients into a future accelerated by change in resources and technology.

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