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NGA: Opportunities for Energy Efficiency to Help States Reduce Costs and Achieve Co-benefits Under the Clean Power Plan – November 11, 2016

NGA: Opportunities for States to Pursue Multistate Compliance Options under the Clean Power Plan – November 11, 2016

NARUC: Distributed Energy Resources Rate Design and Compensation – November 2016

API: The Natural Gas Solution: Modeling of EPA’s Clean Power Plan – October 2016

Duke: Electricity Sector Issues Facing the Next Administration – October 2016

Partnership for Policy Integrity: Classifying biomass as carbon neutral increases greenhouse gas and air pollution emissions under the Clean Power Plan – October 2016

Georgia Tech School of Public Policy: The Clean Power Plan and Beyond – Impacts on the Energy Bills of U.S. Industries – September 23, 2016

Center for Climate and Energy Solutions: Insights from a Comparative Analysis of Clean Power Plan Modeling – September 2016

Institute for Policy Integrity New York University School of Law: Bounded Regulation How the Clean Power Plan Conforms to Statutory Limits on EPA’s Authority – September 2016

FTI Consulting: The Impacts of Nuclear Retirements Under the Clean Power Plan – August 9, 2016

Great Plains Institute: Key Considerations for Making Allowance Distribution Decisions – July 15, 2016

Analysis Group: RGGI and CO2 Emissions Trading Under the Clean Power Plan – Options for Trading Among Generating Units in RGGI and Other States – July 12, 2016

EIA: Clean Power Plan Reduces Projected Coal Production in All Major U.S. Supply Regions – July 8, 2016

EIA: Clean Power Plan Implementation Choices by States Could Affect Electricity Generation Mix – July 6, 2016

Duke University: Ongoing Evolution of the Electricity Industry – Effects of Market Conditions and the Clean Power Plan on States – July 2016

Duke University: Cost Distribution Impacts of Clean Power Plan Compliance Pathways – July 2016

Institute for Energy Research: The Levelized Cost of Electricity from Existing Generation Resources – July 2016

U.S. Chamber of Commerce: Above the Fold Clean Power Plan – June 27, 2016

U.S. Chamber of Commerce: EIA Analysis Shows EPA’s Carbon Regulations All Economic Pain for No Climate Gain – June 21, 2016

EIA: Clean Power Plan Implementation Decisions Affect CO2 Emissions and Electricity Prices – June 21, 2016

Georgia Institute of Technology: The Clean Power Plan and Beyond – June 2016

M.J. Bradley & Associates: Clean Power Plan Summary of IPM Modeling Results with ITC & PTC Extension – June 1, 2016

Bipartisan Policy Center: Modeling the Evolving Power Sector and Impacts of the Final CPP – June 2016

NERC: Short-Term Special Assessment – Operational Risk Assessment with High Penetration of Natural Gas-Fired Generation – May 24, 2016

Annual Energy Outlook 2016 Early Release: Annotated Summary of Two Cases on Clean Power Plan – May 17, 2016

Clean Energy States Alliance: The EPA Clean Power Plan and State RPS Programs – May 2016

NERC: Potential Reliability Impacts of EPA’s Clean Power Plan – Phase II – May 2016

CSIS: Assessing the Final Clean Power Plan – Energy Market Impacts – May 2016

Climate Law & Policy Project: Using Action Caps to Boost Ambition and Lower Costs for Clean Power Plan Compliance – April 2016

The Institute for Policy Integrity: Understanding the Stay – Implications of the Supreme Court’s Stay of the Clean Power Plan – April 2016

Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS): Implications of the Supreme Court Decision to Stay the Clean Power Plan – February 16, 2016

Center for Clean Air Policy: Leakage in the Clean Power Plan: A Comparison of Initial Modeling Results – February 8, 2016

Synapse: A Guide to Clean Power Plan Modeling Tools – February 1, 2016

Nuclear in the States Toolkit Version 1.0: Policy Options for States Considering the Role of Nuclear Power in their Energy Mix – February 2016

Resources for the Future: Approaches to Address Potential CO2 Emissions Leakage to New Sources under the Clean Power Plan – January 21, 2016

Results for MISO’s Near-Term Analysis of EPA’s Final Clean Power Plan – January 20, 2016

FERC: Staff White Paper on Guidance Principles for Clean Power Plan Modeling – January 20, 2016

Congressional Research Service: EPA Clean Power Plan for Existing Power Plants – Frequently Asked Questions – January 13, 2016

M.J. Bradley & Associates: EPA Clean Power Plan – Summary of IPM Modeling Results – January 13, 2016

Regulating Greenhouse Gases Under the Clean Air Act: Is the Bubble About to Burst? – January 2016

U.S. Chamber: How the Final Clean Power Plan Uses Unreasonable Renewable Energy Assumptions to Increase Stringency of State Emissions Requirements – January 2016

CSIS: Assessing the Final Clean Power Plan – Emissions Outcomes – January 2016

IHS: EPA Clean Power Plan – Potential Market Impacts – December 9, 2015

Reassessing the Efficiency Penalty from Carbon Capture in Coal-Fired Power Plants – December 3, 2015

Duke University: New Sources and the Clean Power Plan – Considerations for Mass-Based Plans – December 2015

EPA’s Clean Power Plan: Understanding and Evaluating the Proposed Federal Plan and Model Rules – December 2015

Energy Ventures Analysis/NMA: EPA’s Clean Power Plan An Economic Impact Analysis – November 13, 2015

NERA Analysis of the EPA Final Clean Power Plan – November 7, 2015

Gliding Toward a Clean Energy Future: Arizona Responds to the EPA Clean Power Plan – November 2015

EPRI: Can Future Coal Power Plants Meet CO2 Emission Standards Without Carbon Capture & Storage – October 2015

Black & Veatch Insights Group: Market Impacts of the Clean Power Plan – September 2015

AEE Institute: Markets Drive Innovation – Why History Shows that the Clean Power Plan Will Stimulate a Robust Industry Response – July 2015

Impacts of the Clean Power Plan on U.S. Natural Gas Markets and Pipeline Infrastructure – June 2015

Sidley Austin: Potential Enforcement Implications and Liabilities Associated with EPA’s Proposed Greenhouse Gas ESPS Rule – June 2015

National Black Chamber of Commerce: Potential Impact of Proposed EPA Regulations on Low Income Groups and Minorities – June 2015

EIA: Analysis of the Impacts of the EPA’s Clean Power Plan – May 2015

Center for Clean Air Policy (CCAP): Expanding the Solution Set – How Combined Heat and Power Can Support Compliance with 111(d) Standards for Existing Power Plants – May 2015

AEP Launches Website to Argue Against EPA Carbon Rules – April 2, 2015

Analysis Group: Electric System Reliability and EPA’s Clean Power Plan: The Case of PJM – March 16, 2015

Electric Reliability Coordinating Council: The EPA’s Clean Power Plan: A Clear Threat to Electric Reliability – February 18, 2015

The Heritage Foundation: The Obama Administration’s Climate Agenda Will Hit Manufacturing Hard: A State-by-State Analysis – February 17, 2015

Rhodium Group/CSIS: Commodity Market Impacts of EPA’s Clean Power Plan – February 9, 2015

Analysis Group: Electric System Reliability and EPA’s Clean Power Plan – Tools and Practices – February 2015

The Brattle Group: EPA’s Clean Power Plan and Reliability – Assessing NERC’s Initial Reliability Review – February 2015

– Executive Summary

DOE: Natural Gas Infrastructure Implications of Increased Demand from the Electric Power Sector – February 2015

Global Warming Policy Foundation (GWPF) Testimony Before the Senate Committee on Environment and Public Works on How the EU’s Unilateral Climate Action has Doubled Electricity Prices and is Driving the Industrial Sector from Europe – December 2, 2014 (view video testimony)

Policy Navigation Group: The Cost-Effectiveness of Federal Energy Efficiency Investments – November 25, 2014

Navigant Study Prepared for Advanced Energy Management Alliance: Carbon Dioxide Reductions from Demand Response: Impacts in Three Markets – November 25, 2014

Energy Ventures Analysis: Energy Market Impacts of Recent Federal Regulations on the Electric Power Sector – November 20, 2014

– Press Release: EPA Carbon Plan and Power Plant Regulations Will Cause Energy Prices to Soar

– State Fact Sheets

The Heritage Foundation: The Obama Administration’s Climate Agenda: Underestimated Costs and Exaggerated Benefits – November 13, 2014

Federalist Society White Paper: EPA’s Section 111(d) Carbon Rule: What if States Just Said No? – November 6, 2014

CSIS: Remaking American Power – Potential Energy Market Impacts of EPA’s Proposed GHG Emission Performance Standards for Existing Electric Power Plants – November 2014

North American Electric Reliability Corporation report, “Potential Reliability Impacts of EPA’s Proposed Clean Power Plan” – November 2014

Energy Ventures Analysis: EPA CPP Costs and Impacts on U.S. Energy Markets – October 2014

NERA/ACCCE Study: Potential Energy Impacts of the EPA Proposed Clean Power Plan – October 2014

Talking Points Prepared by the American Coalition for Clean Coal Electricity Summarizing the NERA 111(d) Final Report – October 16, 2014

EPA’s CO2 Rules and the State Institutional Problem – September 2014

EPA’s CO2 Rule and 18 States’ Resolutions and Legislation (Alabama, Arizona, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Missouri, Nebraska, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, South Dakota, Tennessee, West Virginia, Wyoming) – August 2014

U.S. Government Accountability Office report, “EPA Regulations and Electricity” – August 2014

– Highlights from U.S. Government Accountability Office report, “EPA Regulations and Electricity”

State Implementation of CO2 Rules: Institutional and Practical Issues with State and Multi-State Implementation and Enforcement – July 2014

The Electricity Journal: EPA’s Clean Power Play – Who Needs Congress? – July 2014

Navigant Economics: Markets Matter – Expect a Bumpy Ride on the Road to Reduced CO2 Emissions – May 2014

Heritage Foundation: EPA’s Climate Regulations Will Harm American Manufacturing – March 4, 2014

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