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Wednesday, February 26-Thursday, February 27, 2020

Join IECA member companies in Washington, DC to meet on garnering support for natural gas pipeline capacity reliability oversight.

On January 22, 2020, IECA sent a letter to Congress asking them to give the FERC pipeline reliability oversight authority. To view letter, go here. In the past, this type of oversight was not needed. However, three things have changed:

– Increased domestic and export demand have used up much of the excess pipeline capacity.
– Pipelines are much harder to build and takes longer to place into service. There is growing opposition to new pipelines.
– Accelerating volume of LNG exports decrease pipeline capacity availability for U.S. consumers. Exporters have locked up large volumes of pipeline capacity that will now not be available to consumers for many years.

To attend the fly-in, contact Marnie Satterfield at 202-223-1420, msatterfield@ieca-us.org.

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